Tracking – The New Section In For View Your Shipment Tracking

Good morning Sh8ppers !!,

Today we bring you the new tool “Tracking”. The tool with which you can track your order, from the shipping source to the destination that you have indicated in the purchase order.
This tool can be found in the head of the web as we show in the following image.




We will provide you with the information provided by the different shipping companies such as Ups, Fedex, etc.

You can perform the search using the ID of the order that we indicated when you made the purchase in as we show you in the following image.


We will offer you the necessary information to obtain the details of the shipment and its follow-up, such as the name of the shipping company, and the tracking number to which your order belongs and also a link in which you can see all the details and status of your order as we show you in the following image.



We hope you have enjoyed this new tool, we will continue to grow and develop all the improvements and functionalities that we can offer to make this ecommerce the ideal site for your purchases on the internet.

Thank you very much for reading this post and do not forget to share it on social networks. Growing together we can make Sh8pping the best ecommerce market with payments in Bitcoin.

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